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Shape Fitness

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    Jessica Sparks

    I have been using Shape Fitness since fall of 2020. It is a great local business. Spike and Jen do a fantastic job communicating what is expected for the use of the gym and are very thorough in going over all of the equipment for use in the gym. I also have found great value in the use of personal training with Spike (currently in my 3rd installment of training sessions, 10 for each installment). They are open 24 hours and it is very affordable. You can’t beat the fact that you can literally go whenever it is convenient for you and your schedule. As a local business owner myself I know how important it is to make sure clients feel valued, they make you feel welcome from the first moment you come into the gym. They always greet you with a hello and a smile! This gym is a great investment for anyone in the Pataskala area who is looking for a small gym that is close to home. Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. -Jessica Sparks Ps. This business was owned by someone else prior, so be sure to look at reviews more recently as the reflection of who and what Jen and Spike are as owners. They really care about the gym and have put a lot into making this gym a success in our area! Come check them out! ****I was not told to make any of these statements, this is all from personal experience and no prior contact with them before finding this gym on my own ****

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    Melissa Barnes

    I am very satisfied with my membership at Shape Fitness. The equipment is great, the gym is extremely clean and the owners are very personable. The gym is never overcrowded and I always gets a great workout.

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    Bryana Pierce

    Gym & People are friendly, supportive & professional. They know body anatomy & how to transform & achieve your goals. Spike's personal training has changed lives, inuding mine.

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    Steve Ring

    I have been a member of Shape Fitness since 2019 and it is a great gym. The staff is great to work with and the sign up was a breeze. The communication was great, and expectations are covered clearly. I have been using the personal training offered at the gym for about a year and half now and find it beneficial. The training is great, and Spike really focusses on your goals and provides you the tools to achieve them. The gym is open 24 hours, so it is available around my schedule which is great and very affordable. They have nice strength and cardio equipment with a great variety. The gym even has a shower so that I can get ready for work after a workout. From the first time I walked into the gym, I felt valued and welcomed. There is always a smile and hello when you are there and a parting of have a great day when you leave. This is what I appreciate about local business. If you are looking for a personal gym and the ability for personal training, Shape Fitness Pataskala is where I would recommend. It is a small gym that utilizes the space to gain the most benefit with a nice variety of strength and cardio equipment without the overwhelming feel of the chain gyms. Close to home, 24-hour access, friendly staff, and so much more. Steve Ring

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    phil lewis

    State of the art equipment great people and trainers best place ever for training

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